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About Us

Welcome so much!We are Kikan Gentel Gift Basket Specialty Shop!

Our company【Kikan Gentel】
Specializes in a variety of sell global high-quality drug store and food, purchasing handbags, ornaments, trendy household groceries, etc., for you to bring the world’s fresh and useful products all seasons.
The limited limited company TM also has an exclusive gift basket designer, according to customer requirements and make a caring gift, so as not to send a bunch of inappropriate gift to a close relatives and friends.Our gift hampe use 80% selections would be the Rare (Regional/Seasonal Awarded items limited products)/Healthy/Awarded products, the quality is guaranteed. Recipients will love your unique and loaded gift! !
In addition to purchasing our【Gift Baskets】, customers can also customize the contents of gift baskets to create gift baskets with different themes. Our gift baskets not only have beautiful packaging, such as reusable warm bags, etc. , In line with environmental protection and also attract!
At the same time, we welcome all customers foster consign for sale any special goods, weekend rental or monthly rent retail, we also welcome all partners / wholesalers! The Company will continue to update Facebook or other advertising channels through to increase publicity! Interested parties can contact us through inbox.