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【AS Stop Snoring Sleep Pillow】


Japan Lotte, Amazon Hot NO.1
Ergonomic design to improve the user breathing, improve sleep quality or snoring problems, improve sleeping position, around people can finally feel good.

Three-dimensional side design, side sleep can breathe, effective stop snoring, ergonomic comfort height, fully fit the head and neck, effectively supporting the head and neck and shoulder, high air permeability and soft and comfortable!

– AS sleep pillow, there will be no sense of pressure in the throat, breathing is easy d!
–  AS design are easier to stabilize the head!
– Medical institutions tested, snoring are reduced!
– No matter 咩 sleeping position will be trained well. Shoulder and neck comfort!

Sleep pillow designed for snoring habits A ergonomic design to make a precise pillow height, so that you can keep the airway clear when lying down, whether sleep or side sleep can effectively stop snoring!

After using fast sleep pillow:
– Not only improve the nose smooth 115%
– 82% of users also think that it can help of stop snoring


– Material
Pillow: Filling: Polyurethane Foam 100%
Pillowcase: Polyester 100%

– Size
52 x 27 cm
Head lying height: 4.5 cm
Neck lying height: 6.5 cm

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