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【Biotta Organic Juice 500ml】


Biotta stands for Bio (German for organic) with more than 70 years history in organic frarming. At Biotta, top quality means organic product grown and left as nature intended.

First-Class raw products and painstakingly careful processing are the key to the natural, fruity flavour of Biotta juices, which are all rich with natural minerals and vitamins, to promote good health.

Biotta is certified by the following international organizations.

– Organic Potato Juice
– Organic Mango Mix Juice
– Organic Black Currant Juice
– Organic Breakfast Juice
– Organic Sauerkraut Juice
– Organic Digest
– Organic Vita 7
– Organic Pomegranate Juice
– Organic Beetroot Juice
– Organic Breuss Vegetable Juice Mixture
– Organic Wild Bilberry Juice
– Organic Mountain Cranberry Juice
– Organic Elderberry Juice
– Organic Pineapple Juice


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七種綜合維他命果汁 Organic Vita 7, 布魯士有機根莖蔬菜汁 Organic Breuss Vegetable Juice Mixture, 有機亞熱帶芒果汁 Organic Mango Mix Juice, 有機接骨木果汁 Organic Elderberry Juice, 有機早安果汁 Organic Breakfast Juice, 有機消化果汁 Organic Digest, 有機紅石榴果汁 Organic Pomegranate Juice, 有機紅菜頭汁 Organic Beetroot Juice, 有機蔓越莓果汁 Organic Mountain Cranberry Juice, 有機酸椰菜汁 Organic Sauerkraut Juice, 有機野生藍莓果汁 Organic Wild Bilberry Juice, 有機馬鈴薯汁 Organic Potato Juice, 有機鳳梨汁 Organic Pineapple Juice, 有機黑加侖子果汁 Organic Black Currant Juice


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