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【Diatomaceous Bath Mat 45×35cm】


AngLink diatomite bath mat is a flat, stable and hard board, the raw materials of which were the ancient phytoplankton – diatom, a kind of natural mineral, without any chemical coloring agent, completely harmless to the human body. It not only has a strong water absorption but also has a good antibacterial property, can absorb the harmful substances in the air such as formaldehyde, helpful to indoor air purification. It is a safe, comfortable multi-functional bath mat.

If the surface gets dust or stains, you can wash it with running water or wipe it with a wet cloth/sponge and then place it in the ventilation air for drying. (Due to the increased using times, some pores of the surface may be clogged and the water absorption performance may descend, and in this case, you can use the sandpaper (included) to gently polish the surface of the mat to restore the water absorption.

Made of diatomaceous earth, highly absorbent, anti-slip and easy to clean. Keeps dry, odor free, and the air clear, eye-catching and eco-friendly. Anti-bacterial and anti-mould bath mat made of an absorbent material that automatically dries within a minute.

– Doraemon
– Pokemon

– Size: (approx.) Height 35.0 x width 45.0 x depth 0.9 cm
– Total weight: (approx.) 2kg
– Material: Diatomaceous earth


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珪藻土浴墊(多啦A夢) Diatomaceous Bath Ma(Doraemon), 珪藻土浴墊(寵物小精靈) Diatomaceous Bath Ma(Pokemon)


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