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【Japan MOMIKI Hand Made Black Garlic Face 50g】


Japanese black tongue Momiki produced, made of organic garlic. Made with black garlic and wheat, garlic flavor is not that strong, but noodles surprisingly tastly. Summer can also be used to do cold noodles.

Natural health food – Black Garlic
Carefully selected Miyazaki special 9 petal garlic production
Antioxidant regulation of blood sugar
– Increased immunity to the virus
– anti aging, beauty
– Prevention of cancer and heart and cerebrovascular diseases
– sterilization and anti-inflammatory
– regulate the three high and liver protection
– 20 times higher than raw garlic antioxidants
– No pesticide cultivation
– Exclusive ripening technology
– Use your own JAS organic liquid fertilizer
– strict quality management
– no added pigment, sweetener


Ingredients: wheat flour, black garlic, salt, vegetable oil
Origin: Japan
Net weight: 250g
Shelf life: 1 year

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