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【Laneige – Two Tone Matte Lip Bar】

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Adhering matte ? Optimal matte gradation with sliding blur combination

Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar expresses comfortable two-tone gradation without making skin feel dry with the combination of high-coloration matte color and velvet lip primer

Expresses natural matte gradation with the Sliding blur effect of velvet primer on the bottom without making the lips feel dry while leaving the high-coloration matte look of the upper part on the center of the lips

The gel formula smoothens wrinkled lips and provides moisturized feel and matte lips

The optimized gel formula made of gel and paste, instead of using powder like the existing matte lipstick, expresses comfortable matte lips without making dry lips and dead skin cells noticeable by filling the curves of the lips smoothly

#1 Burgundy mood
#2 Red cashmere
#3 Power shorder pink
#4 Fitting Rose



If the below irritation occurs, please stop using it. If irritation get worse, please consult doctors immediately.
1. i) Red blemish, tumefaction and feeling itching
ii) Application part which under direct sunlight.
2. Do not apply on injury, eczema and dermatitis part.

1. Close the cap after use.
2. Keep out of reach of children.
3. Avoid hot, cold and direct sunlight place.
4. If got into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
5. Do not put other liquid into this container.
6. This is a cosmetic product. Please do not eat. If eaten, spit it out then consult doctors immediately.

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For Boy, For Girl


#1 復刻玫瑰 #1 Burgundy mood, #2 優雅玫瑰 #2 Red cashmere, #3 水洗玫瑰 #3 Power shorder pink, #4 乾燥玫瑰色 #4 Fitting Rose


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