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【Lemon Pharma Ginjer Essence】


The extract extract used by Lemon Pharma comes from certified organic agriculture. This guarantees a product without unwanted fertilizers or pesticides.The ginger drops are produced by a complex, highly innovative special process, CO 2 high pressure extraction with natural source carbonic acid. As a result, Ingredientsforte contain no solvent residues and residues of inorganic salts and heavy metals. The result is a particularly high-quality extract, in which the ginger characteristic for ginger

The most commonly used ginger is zingiber officinale. Its roots contain a thick balm consisting of essential oils and the pungent constituents gingerols and shogaols. These ginger properties are said to have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic effect

Innovative products for the health market
Lemon Pharma just won the gold medal at the „Natural Product Scandinavia“ show with Ginjer as „Best new Health & Nutrition Product 2014


Method: 1-2 drops per day into the water or juice.


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