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【MARUSEN Farm TOMA QUEEN Tomato Juice】

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“AKAIMINORI NO ZEITAKUSHIBORI” is premium tomato juice.

The ingredient is only ripened Tomaqueen tomatoes harvested during the time tomato plants are full of natural sweetness. All Tomaqueen tomatoes are grown in Marsen Farm, Kashimadai, Osaki- shi, Miyagi Prefecture.
A tomato juice used both domestically and overseas at Michelin-starred restaurants and enoteca (shops that stock Italian wine). In restaurants they use it as a soft drink which is equivalent to wine.

Marusen Farm has the philosophy “to grow safe and delicious crops, it is the best to improve the soil quality.” The farm has been working hard for their soils.

The farm uses the organic fertilizer fermented with homemade compost, minerals and microorganisms while they reduce spraying of agricultural chemicals as little as possible.

Tomaqueen is rare variety of tomatoes. You hardly find them on the market.ou didn’t like tomatoes? It is worth to have a try! As it isn’t thick it is quite smooth and easy to drink, and it has a rich refreshing taste, it is a truly masterful tomato juice. It is an amazing juice that keeps for a long time.


The white label has a high degree of sugar content (7 class) and the black label has a high sugar content of 8 class, however as the tomato sugar content can vary according to when it is harvested we select them according to the pulp’s sugar content, and this is shown as stars on a label put on the tomato.

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