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【Masterpiece Collection Boxset】


The rare delicacy from New Zealand
In the Southern coast of New Zealand, near the Antarctica, is a naturalhabitat without pollution and the home of an extremely rare seafood – blackfootabalone. Only available in the wild, it gets its distinct color from absorbing theminerals found in the surrounding volcanic rocks.

As the cream of the cropamong abalones, the New Zealand government is extremely protective of this indigenousbreed, fishermen need to free dive into the sea to hand pick each abalonewithin their quotas. The chilling water slows the growth of the abalone, ittakes at least 5 years for the blackfoot to reach the minimum size forfishery.

The locals praise the blackfootfor its unique taste and describe the texture as more like a premium steak.That’s inspired REIGN ABALONE to use dry aged treatment for its wild caughtblackfoot abalone. After aging in a controlled environment with precisetemperature and humidity levels for 30 days, the abalone’s flavour isintensified and more succulent, the texture is tenderer, a taste you won’tforget.

The natural zest from South Africa
Walker Bay, located in the South of South Africa, is one of theremaining places on earth with pristine water to nurture abalones with superiorquality.

The professional supplier that REIGN ABALONE works with has over 20years of experience in abalone farming, using natural husbandry method with allrounded monitored marine environment and the pump-ashore flow-through system,the abalone can grow in a stable and optimal setting.

In general, South Africanabalones are darker in color with strong aroma, after a lengthy slow-cookprocedure, the resulting abalone is chewy yet tender, leaving a balsamicaftertaste.

– Vincent Willem van Gogh《Wheat Field with Cypresses》
– Vincent Willem van Gogh《Wheat Field with Cypresses》
– Oscar-Claude Monet《Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies》
– Pablo Ruiz Picasso《Paul Dressed as Pierrot》

Include:Reign Abalone Van Gogh Wooden Jewellery BoxSet (Wheat Field with Cypresses), Wild Caught Aged New Zealand Abalone 110g(1pc),South Africa Abalones 100g (2pcs)


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梵高《羅納河上的星夜(星空)》 Vincent Willem van Gogh《Wheat Field with Cypresses》, 梵高《麥田裡的絲柏樹》Vincent Willem van Gogh《Wheat Field with Cypresses》, 畢加索《扮小丑的保羅》Pablo Ruiz Picasso《Paul Dressed as Pierrot》, 莫內《睡蓮池上的拱橋》Oscar-Claude Monet《Bridge over a Pool of Water Lilies》


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