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【Puccini Bomboni Luxury Gift Box(Non Alcoholic)】

$490.00 $390.00

This gift box contains:

– Box with 4 lovely non alcholic chocolates filled with a ganache with the following flavours: Coffee and Cranberry (54% dark chocolate), Plum (70% dark chocolate), Mint (white chocolate).

– A transparant box of 210 grams with the best Southern European almonds covered in chocolate.

– An elegantly shaped bottle with chocolate Splitters. These are a variations of the well know Dutch Sprinkles and a such a really nice treat on your bread. But also great to decorate your desert or baking creation.

For the Chocolate Almonds
– Dark Chocolate
– Milk Chocolate
– A Mix of Dark and Milk Chocolate

For the Splitters
– Dark Chocolate
– Milk Chocolate



Packaging & Content Chocolates Packaging & Content Chocolates Our chocolates are presented in a copper colored box wrapped by a Puccini Bomboni sleeve. We only use fresh ingredients. As a result, the composition of the box of chocolates may slightly differ in comparison to what is shown.
Allergy information Our chocolates may include traces of nuts and (stone) fruit.

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朱古力杏仁 – 牛奶朱古力 Chocolate Almonds – Milk Chocolate, 朱古力杏仁 – 黑朱古力 Chocolate Almonds – Dark Chocolate, 朱古力杏仁 – 黑朱古力和牛奶朱古力的混合物 Chocolate Almonds – A Mix of Dark and Milk Chocolate


For Boy, For Girl


朱古力小格 – 牛奶朱古力 Splitters – Milk Chocolate, 朱古力小格 – 黑朱古力 Splitters – Dark Chocolate


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