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【Seishin – Pet Pet – Rabbit/Clover】

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Easter is coming! Let buy somethings to decorate your house, let buy the product. The rabbit and clover can representaive easter and lucky,it is useful, have unique meaning, also can greening your house.

A small animal in a small plastic bottle (acting as a cultivation kit)! The bottom water feed the curated plant in an animal pot through a water absorbing straps.

1. Firstly, we should put the compressed soil (with the space there up to the top) in the cup, then inject around 20cc of hot water.
2. Wait for a while and the soil will swell in around 5 times. If the soil is not fully swollen, please add more hot water.
3. Make sure that the absorbent tails are installed at the bottom of the Seishin.
4. put the soil into the backpack gently. Please take away the soil if it is too much.
5. Touching the surface of the soil with a toothpick and let them get loose..
6. Then, Hang the absorbent tails on the cup and add water to the height of half the tail. Actually,you can choose your favorite container into the absorbent tails, but pay attention to the thickness of the container is appropriate. When the soil becomes frozen, the seeds are placed on average, gently pressed into the soil and covered with clay.
7. Please note that before germination please do not direct sunlight, you should place in bright and ventilated cool place planting, and keep the soil surface moist.


Variety Description:
Clover (seasoned Clover) – can be put into the 7-8 seeds when planting, to be sprout 2 to 3cm high, they can be part of the small tomatoes transplanted to other pots to continue planting, the remaining three more robust small tomatoes continue Planting.

Size: 8×6.4×15


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