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Bessing of Wealth Hot Product:【Gil Asia Blueberry Black Soybean Enzyme】

$3,350.00 $2,800.00

– 【Laneige – Two Tone Matte Lip Bar】x1
– 【Amazin’ Graze Luscious Gift Box】x1
– 【Amazin’ Graze Caramel Pecan Almond Butter 120g】x1
– 【GINJER Ginjer Essence】x1
– 【Japan Meiji Wild Plant Enzymes 150tab】x1
– 【Gil Asia Blueberry Black Soybean Enzyme】x1
– 【Japan MOMIKI Miyazaki Production Black Garlic 80g】x1
– 【Japan MOMIKI Hand Made Black Garlic Face 50g】x1
– 【Arnest – Mizuaka Goodbye】x1
– 【iWhite Instant】x1
– 【Albion Skin Conditioner 110ml】x1
– 【Kyo no Shizuku Seasonal Strawberries (Akihime/Benihoppe/Oi C Berry) 280g】x1
– 【Rude Health Organic Drink 1liter】x2
– 【RUDE HEALTH Organic Honey Spelt Puffs】x2
– 【Clarins Lift V-Facial Intensive Wrap】x1


This picture just for reference, the gift content can be according price to the corresponding adjusted.
If you have any questions or want to change the gift content, please contact our staff with Whatapps


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