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  • 與兩個鼻孔一起使用
  • 套20支(每支2支)
  • 包括耐熱杯和蠟(10包)
  • 推薦每月使用一次
  • 說明:日語
  • 日本製造


The Nose Hair Instant Waxing Plucker Sticks have become something of a viral sensation due to, well, how funny you look when using them. But no one will argue with the results. These sticks can pluck and wax your nose hair from both nostrils. This full set includes a heat-resistant cup as well as the special wax, so you can warm up the wax and then coat a pair of the sticks (there are 20 included here, enough for 10 sessions). Place the sticks in your nostrils and leave for around one minute. When you remove them, you will also remove those unseemly nose hairs that no one wants. This waxing set is designed to be easy, effective and painless.

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H&M, Mango, Nike, Zara


Blue, Grey, White


L, M, S, XL, XS


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